About Tracking3.io

We created Tracking3.io for simple reasons: Everyone should be able to use good software at an affordable price. Regardless of whether you work in a small team or the top industry.

We believe that good software makes everything easier and faster. And we want to create an easy-to-use and fast application. Through this efficiency, we also want to reduce the carbon footprint of each production. That's why all our servers and offices run on 100% green electricity.

Founder Martin Melzer

Who is behind Tracking3.io?

We are primarily me, Martin Melzer, and I am supported by my wife Katharina.

Since 2008 I have been working in the animation film industry in Germany on international projects across the globe. Mainly I worked as a 3D technical director, as a pipeline specialist, as well as in programming and automation. At Tracking3.io I take care of the smooth workflow, programming and support.

Katharina, herself a 3D animation artist, illustrator and author, helps me with user experience (UX) issues, as a tester - with her own projects on Tracking3.io - and she contributes ideas and improvements.

The motivation behind Tracking3.io

In 2010, I felt the need to optimise my daily work routine for the first time. The reason for this was far too many sticky notes on my desk with work assignments and requirements. As a result, I started programming a digital sticky note manager that significantly simplified my daily work routine - and that of my colleagues.

Since then, I have worked on many projects with different teams. Starting with mini web series and several seasons long TV series to feature-length films, everything was there. Some productions were well organised, others not that well.

That's why I can't get rid of the idea of improving the organisation of projects. Instead of writing thousands of emails with countless addressees, trying to keep the production status up to date in various local documents or constantly searching for the latest version of an asset, it must be possible to have everything in one place.

2020 was the starting point for Tracking3.io. To develop an asset and production management solution independent of film studios and thus make another tool available to the film industry.

This is how we want to support the film industry

Time and cost planning can be very challenging

Poorly organised projects often turn out to be very time-consuming and costly. All people involved, from artists to directors to executive producers suffer and often complain about stress and unrealistic deadlines.

So the question arises: why is it like that? Does it always have to be this way? Can something be changed to make it better for everyone? Can time, costs and stress be spared with a well-organised production and can software help to achieve this? We say: yes, definitely!

Tracking3.io is an important and central step in this direction. We are committed to making your production more structured and faster. We want to make it easier for you to accomplish your feature films or VFX productions in an organised way and thus "on time and on budget".

This is how we support you concretely

Currently, we offer a platform that allows you to store your production status and optionally your files that are important for your film production in one place. In the future, we want to decrease the workload of production managers and artists with the help of a high degree of automation.

For you as a production manager, this means that Tracking3.io will support you in planning your projects and, for example, simplify your review sessions with the help of a review tool so that nothing is forgotten. Tracking3.io should be able to make handouts to artists on its own, based on rules you define beforehand or make suggestions as to which tasks are ready for a handout. We want to be able to tell you how your project is doing and what progress it is making, with the help of comprehensive evaluations.

As an artist, you will receive pre-sorted to-do lists from Tracking3.io, which are oriented to the planned delivery date. You will never again have to search for assets or check whether they are up-to-date. Not even in your home office. For example, we are planning a file manager that will do this work for you and also clean up your computer when you are done.

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Our values, our responsibility

Meeting at eye level

We see ourselves as part of the industry, not just as a service provider. That's why we maintain close contact with our customers. This enables us to take your needs on board and include them in our software. We always have an open ear for you and be with you on the same par.

Fair and flexible pricing

We love films, especially animated films, but we also know that it can be very challenging to produce a good film. This can have many reasons. Communication problems, for example, are one such reason. We also know that quite a few productions are very tightly calculated and therefore often lead to stress. That's why we provide you with powerful and cost-effective software that adapts to you, your production and your budget. That's why we offer you a function-based licensing model without a minimum term, which allows you to do without unnecessary functions to save costs.

Environmental and social responsibility

We love our planet, which is why we take care to act ecologically. We use service providers that use renewable energy where possible, and our office is also powered by renewable energy. For every email we save, we save up to 10 grams of CO2. We try to design our software to be as energy-efficient as possible and to avoid unnecessary internet communication. All to preserve a liveable planet Earth for you, for us and for future generations. That's why we donate 1% of our sales to the Stripe Climate Programme. Find out more at https://climate.stripe.com/CRTDyX

Stress, even burnout, is unfortunately far too widely accepted in our performance-oriented society. With Tracking3.io, we want to make our contribution to reducing your stress by relieving you of unnecessary and repetitive work through automation.

And last but not least, we stand for fair payment and an open and transparent relationship, both for ourselves and our service providers.

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Where you can find us

We are based in Halle (Saale), Saxony-Anhalt, right in the heart of Germany.

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